Steam. Grill. Microwave.
Better Together.

It’s time to start cooking food the way it was meant to be cooked, in the
Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven. Steaming dishes from fish to vegetables to rice
is the only way to truly preserve their nutritional value, texture and most
importantly, taste. In short, you haven’t had it until you’ve had it steamed.

  • Get to know
    your food

    Cooking healthy meals with Turbo Steam preserves
    the natural flavours of your ingredients.

  • Steam Powered

    • High density, Turbo Steam enables speedy,
      professional results
    • Steam enhances taste and texture, and
      allows for oil-free recipe options
    • Steam, in simultaneous combination with
      other cooking techniques, helps at home
      chefs develop their culinary skills
  • Auto

    Auto Cooking technology allows you to cook by
    simply setting the weight of your food with no
    need to program the power level or cooking time.

  • Simple Auto Menu Operation

    1 Select Auto Menu
    2 Select Weight
    3 Tap Start
    Auto Steam: 7
    (Fresh/ Frozen Vegetables and more)
    Auto Grill: 7
    (Fish Fillets, Chicken Pieces, and more)
    Auto Cook: 13
    (Popcorn, Oatmeal and more)
  • More in One

    Steaming can also be combined
    with grilling and microwave cooking
    to expand the variety of meals in your
    repertoire and reduce the number
    of appliances in your kitchen.

  • The 3 in 1
    Steam Oven

    • Model no. NN-DS58HB
    • 1.0 cu ft. Steam Combination Oven
    • 100% Turbo Steam
    • Crispy Grill
    • Simultaneous Combination Cooking
    • Large-Area Flat Cavity
    • Inverter Technology
  • Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven

  • This Just In Panasonic YT

  • Panasonic 3 in 1 Steam Oven

  • This Just In Panasonic YT